“Boys & Girls Clubs programs have always focused on enhancing a child’s self-esteem. The Manadoob Program is a creative interactive curriculum that can actually increase a child’s self- esteem. Through sequential readings and activities, youth discover an imaginary world that effectively leads them through thoughtful learning progressions where they explore the true meaning of values, diversity, and problem solving.”
Jane Berry Deal, Regional Service Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
“I liked Manadoob because it made me believe in myself and to not let others put me down.”
Manadoob is a program fit for all children — it is pro-active for children to gradually learn to cope with his/her stress or anger as well as other external situations that may appear in the life of a child like death, divorce, etc. In addition we might say that the economic crisis is also an issue that affects a lot of families causing unemployment or financial difficulties. Issues that have a direct impact in the lives of children. We see a lot of children spending too much time on the internet and computer games. Bullying is increasing, we see a lot of anger and violence. We see parents worrying because their child cannot sleep because of nightmares. We see a lot of situations that worry the children and parents as well. So we believe every child needs this workshop.
Tania Masia, Psychologist/Psychotherapist; Child Care Counselor, Manadoob Cyprus Certfied Educator; Cyprus
“The Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem has proven effective beyond our expectations in helping our girls move forward to achieve their goals. We are also proud to say the older girls who have trained to become Manadoob Educators express their sincere appreciation and gratitude as the skills they have gained as Manadoob Mentors will last a lifetime and have helped them not only support the younger ‘Little Sisters’ but have delayed their own abilities to teach and train others.”
Trevor Patzer, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Little Sisters Fund Nepal
The Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem has had an impressive impact on the children at our Clubs helping our Club members deal with stress, become more empathetic toward others, stand up to bullying, and to become better prepared for academic success. It also has had an extraordinarily positive impact on the facilitators who teach it. It has been our honor to offer Manadoob to students at our Clubs for over five years both during the school year and as a wonderful summer program. We are getting ready to launch a Kindergarten program in September and are delighted the children will have fun with this effective social and emotional learning system.
Derek Beauvais, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs, Downtown Bend and East Bend, Oregon
“I just wanted to touch base with you on our culminating activity this year. Students were all engaged in our classroom discussions. We had the students create a stone from Manadoob of their own image they thought would have meaning for them based on their reading. We were chosen for the SEL Exemplary Nomination. A team from the network and central office came to interview the PBS committee, teachers, students and parents. The 4th grade students spoke of their Manadoob experience. Thanks for all of your help and support in bringing this program to our 4th grade classes.”
Marion Nardi, Counselor – Daniel Boone Elementary School, Chicago Public Schools
“What worked so well with the Manadoob Program is that it helped to break down cultural barriers and bring the kids together as we worked through the program. It was also used as a basis for my entire curriculum for the semester as it provides tools in listening, speaking, reading, writing, arts and community outreach. The Manadoob Program is a wonderful tool for allowing kids to develop self-esteem, self reliance and self-expression as they learn from the Manadoob in curriculum based activities. And, it is fun!”
Tina Majdan, Public School Teacher, Jersey City, New Jersey
“My group for this Manadoob Program really enjoyed it. The children took turns reading the book and with each assignment in the workbook they also took turns telling their stories. We talked about all different feelings and talked about how to share them in a positive way. The children in my group still share things in a positive way.”
Amanda Jaymes, School Age Center, Fort Riley
“Manadoob stands uniquely as an allegory that is not allegorical. It captures the essence of values that we hold most dear while holding young readers mesmerized by a story well told with a palpably building excitement that keeps the pages turning. Children will connect readily to the interactions between humans and animals and will appreciate the sophisticated vocabulary which is at once comprehensible and non-condescending.”
Althea Woods, M.Ed. Bravo Award winner for Excellence in Education; Harvard educated teacher and principal, Los Angeles Unified School District
“The Moobia Stones were awesome and they helped me get through times when I felt nervous.”
“This program is very unique and it was a privilege to have had a chance to share it with the children. I had such a great time with them, and they seem to have enjoyed it. As a therapist, I appreciate the spectrum of issues/topics that each chapter presents because it allows the flow of the conversation to go in multiple directions, and the children get to lead where that goes!”
Carlos Alcántara. LCSW; Social Service Clinician; Orange County Department of Education, Safe Schools & Support Services
“My overall impression is that the content of the Manadoob program is remarkable. In my work with youth, I know that there is not enough learning about how to identify, process, and respond to emotions. I found the approach of using the story and exciting props to fully resonate with elementary aged girls.”
Grace Dyer, Senior Program Manager, Girls, Inc. Pacific NW


“I always think and I am always being positive because before the Manadoob class I had some rude behaviors and I used to think negatively of others but I think now everyone in the world is equal and they have special character and futures and they can help each other by sharing their futures and their quality is always magnificent…”
Jaman, Student, Chhahari Organization, Nepal
“We wanted to say how very thankful we were that we had the opportunity to use the Manadoob program in our emergency shelter and transitional shelters. We found the program to be interesting and to be thoughtful of life lessons that will definitely help our youth. Our Children’s Program Director conducted the Manadoob groups at Interval House with some of our residents in transitional housing and only a few in the emergency shelter. As I said before, everybody loves the program and we think it is very positive.”
Carol Williams Executive Director Interval House, Crisis Center for Victims of Domestic Violence
“I had never done anything like this in the past, but with [your] help and encouragement the classes seemed to inspire our children. In the end, they seemed to have grasped the concept of Manadoob and I am sure they have gained immeasurably from each and every lesson.”
Christine Casey, Founder and President Chhahari Organization Nepal
“The overall premise is a great one – to show that we are all connected in a necessary lesson children need to learn – a lot of children nowadays are very insular – only comfortable in their own world – they have no knowledge of their communities and sometimes their own families and therefore have no clue how they can effect the world they live in or how it affects them.” Jennifer A. Swierc, Guider, Girlguiding Burnley, Lancaster East, UK
“I really loved the Manadoob class because it was so amazing and helps me believe in myself, it helps me to build up my self-esteem and my self-confidence and also it increases my positive attitude so I think it is really fruitful and I really enjoyed the Manadoob class.”
Student, Little Sisters Fund-Nepal
“Manadoob Program at our site has given our students the courage to believe in themselves despite their hardships and differences. It has built self-confidence, leadership and has opened their hearts to trying new things without feeling intimidated. These are our next generation of leaders thanks to this self-esteem boosting program, Manadoob.”
Monique Garcia, Boys & Girls Clubs of Oxnard/Port Hueneme
“My 13 year old grandson started Manadoob about a year ago. He was a shy, quiet youngster who has blossomed under the program. He has become a very self-assured, confident young man in this year. He is not afraid to voice an opinion, but does it very tactfully and considerately. He has become very bonded with his instructor and his group.”
Betty, Parent – Kailua Kona, Hawaii
“My two daughters ages seven and nine, along with my son, age thirteen completed the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem. I have never witnessed such a positive change in all three children like this. They behave with greater kindness to one another, and they are full of gratitude and appreciation for their father and myself. I have been told that in school, all three have shown an improvement in their attitude and it is reflected in their grades. We had never seen so many “A’s” on their report cards. This is an incredible program and I highly recommend it for every parent to consider.”
Lorena – New York, New York
“The Manadoob training taught the kids about self esteem. . It was a fun combination of creative activities and gentle probes that enabled the kids to apply towards the challenges they face in their everyday life. Some children shared concern of losing a love one. How the parents brought them a pet to help cope with the loss. Even one of the children had a pet put to sleep due to illness. The other children used some of the skills they learned in the Manadoob training to help this young lady cope with the loss of her pet. One of the staff facilitators was able to share what struggles she had to face with the severe injuries to her husband. Over all the youth responded well to the training. They even decided they wanted to end the activity with a celebration.”
Letitia Lesene Muskogee Facility Director; Fort Hood
“I personally have the privilege of being a part of the SHINE program as an after school instructor, at the Kinnamen Elementary SHINE program Impact Northwest, an organization that strives to fight the affects of poverty on people in low income areas. Providing an after school program for students who are struggling academically and/or socially is one of many ways that Impact Northwest carries out their mission statement. One of the classes I teach is Manadoob! It is by far all of the student’s favorite class and I know this because they tell me so every time we meet (twice a week). With the help of all the materials and activities provided for the class, the students value the time they get every week to reflect on their emotions and relationships with the people around them. Manadoob has truly impacted these students by introducing the power of being seen, known, and loved right by themselves and their peers.”
Molly Martin, After School Instructor, Kinnamen Elementary SHINE Program Impact NW
“My favorite part is when the animals are connected with humans – in happiness and sadness – and they know each other. They will help make the human remember all of their past and to release their pain… and the animals are connected in such away that they help the human understand and there is understanding between them, I like this part it is really good.”
Anjan, Student, Chhahari Organization, Nepal
“Manadoob, Mystery of the Moobia Stones is a perfectly wonderful story that keeps you interested in Wella’s journey until the final pages. The reader first meets a sad and fearful Wella but with the help of a unique group of Manadoob she learns to help others and to overcome her fears. The story is full of helpful insights for children; dealing with the loss of a loved pet, overcoming fears and having compassion and understanding for others. I plan to give this book to the special children in my life.” Evelyn Greenwald, Co-President of Bowwowmeow – founded 2006; Co-Founder of Creativity for Kids – founded 1977
“My daughter LOVES the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem she looks forward to going every week. She loves her Manadoob Educator, the characters, the art projects and she even looks forward to doing the reading and writing assignments.”
Susan – Calabasas, California
(I learned…) Believe in yourself and believe in other and never think negative of other and be kind to other and help the poor as you like and how much you want. I learned that how much I was a little bit greedy in myself and now I believe that I can do something good in my life. I feel happy and proud of myself by being a member of Manadoob.
Keshari, Chhahari Organization, Nepal
“Just thought I would check in and let you know how the “Manadoob” is going….the kids and myself are LOVING IT!! So much so that the kids asked if we could meet more often. So we are meeting every Saturday. We had just finished the discussion about sadness and I was amazed at how much the kidsopened up to me (or the group.) From the things the kids said, I could tell they felt very and comfortable.”
Bebe Ackerman, Humane Education Director, Hawaii Island Humane Society