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Your Gift of Guidance from the Manadoob…

Our cherished Moobia Stones will help you sadiki. Sa-dee-kee. That’s how it sounds. And here’s how they work.

We don’t always have control over what happens in our lives. Nobody does. But with the help of your Moobia Stones, you can sadiki whatever you want to make your life better.

The ability to sadiki is simply using your imagination to believe that you can indeed have what you want and need. Think about what changes you would make in yourself – in how you behave and in what you think – to make your life better. Moobia Stones help to make things possible.

The Blank Moobia Stone

The Faith Stone allows you to see the invisible, believe the incredible, and receive the impossible.

The Moobia Stone of Protection

Esme - pronounced EZ-ME - is the ancient Anglo-Saxon word for "gracious protector."

The Moobia Stone of Sadness

Mugesi - pronounced MOO-GEE-SEE - is an African word for "brave."

The Moobia Stone of Self

Darby - pronounced DAR-BE - is the Celtic/Gaelic name for "free man."

The Moobia Stone of Responsibility

Astra - pronounced AS-TRA - is the Greek goddess of justice and purity. The name signifies "balance, fairness and devotion to justice."

The Moobia Stone of Patience

Nairi - pronounced NI-RE - is the Armenian word for "land of canyons."

The Moobia Stone of Trust

Tuli - pronounced TOO-LY - is an African word meaning "silent person."

The Moobia Stone of Boundaries

Ambika - pronounced AM-BEE-KA - is the Hindu name for the "goddess of power and destruction."

The Moobia Stone of Humor

Pellkita - pronounced PELL-KEY-TA - is the Basque word for "happy."

The Moobia Stone of Hope

Dara - pronounced DAR-A - is the Cambodian word for "stars."

The Moobia Stone of Courage

Amara - pronounced A-MAR-A - is the Greek name for "unfading" - it will not disappear.

The Moobia Stone of Thankfulness

Rahwa - pronounced RAW-WA - is an African word meaning "better life."

The Moobia Stone of Honesty

Ula - pronounced YOU-LA - is the Celtic/Gaelic word meaning "jewel of the sea."

The Moobia Stone of Wisdom

Iduna - pronounced I-DO-NA - is a Teutonic goddess named for "wisdom, rejuvenation, cleansing and healing."


If you pull a Moobia Stone and the meaning of the stone is unclear, you can use the Yes and No stone to help you understand the message.


If you pull a Moobia Stone and the meaning of the stone is unclear, you can use the Yes and No stone to help you understand the message.

Our Moobia Stones are ancient treasures that we have hand-picked during our travels throughout the Universe. We brought them back to Manadoobia to be shaped and nurtured.
On Manadoobia, it was determined that each of us would only have two Moobia stones that best represent what we want to share with you. So there is lot to think about in each and every stone.
As we wathched you humans in your struggles, we figured out a way through our Moobia Stones to help you get through all the hard stuff that seems to be a part of your human world.