Loki Bella:

I am Loki Bella. I have qualities of grace and beauty and intelligence as the finest horse and rabbit have come together to shape me. But, along with these lovely qualities you will find weaknesses in me too. I am not perfect and will never claim to be. I look to find the good in all beings and I hope to bring out the best in everyone. I work hard to help lead and teach the Manadoob.
Yama Cruz:

I am Yama Cruz. I just feel wonderful being a luscious blend of woolly dog and lamb. As odd as I might look, everything fits together in such a comfortable way. I want you to have that comfortable feeling, just being around me. I try to be confident about who I am in the world. That doesn’t come easily for any of us “misfit” Manadoob. I have been given a great gift of having ability to see both sides of a problem and I want to share that with you.
Latona Maya:

I’m Latona Maya, a blend of pot-bellied pig and pony. I am a strong-willed Manadoob. I have a sensitive side and I can be quite shy, but I am always determined to do the right thing. So when I get moody, everyone stays cool, because when times get tough, I have patience like no other Manadoob.
Uma Lily:

I’m complex and conflicted… but, oh so smart. After all, I’m Uma Lily, one of the wisest creatures in the world. When a dolphin joins together with the snake, there are some conflicts! Big time. I am the Manadoob who will bring you truth and wisdom. My deep, dark-set, thoughtful eyes can see right through you. So don’t try to hide anything from me.
Horace Po:

When you “mish and mash” the finest ferret with a “steady as a rock” turtle, what you get is me, Horace Po. The others tell me I am loner. I am both rude and cocky. I have a really hard time dealing with my own stuff and the Manadoob expect me to worry about human folk, too. But, I know that those I meet can and will trust me completely. The Manadoob say I need some personality adjustments, but they try to cut me some slack. I hope you can too.
Griff Bob:

So what do you get when a sprinkle of goat gets mixed in with a guinea pig? ME. Griff Bob. I’m somewhat sarcastic, but I just can’t help myself. I try to blame it on my lime green horns. I am the Manadoob of tears and laughter knowing that our lives are a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. I am always getting myself in and out of some sort of trouble, so I have become really good at working through problems of all kinds.
Chaos Gus:

In human terms, I think you’d say that I’m strange, but truly interesting. I’m Chaos Gus, a peculiar parrot with some cat mixed in. I have wings that are constantly in motion. I’m always very busy and I can’t help but meddle into everybody else’s business. As hard as I try to pay attention to my responsibilities, I get distracted and the other Manadoob need to set me straight from time to time.
We're just an odd bunch of misfit Manadoob who look and feel different than any animal you'll ever find on Earth. On Manadoobia, a far away place that has been watching over your Earth for thousands of years, there is no formula that keeps us looking the same. We quickly realize that nobody's perfect. But, when you bring all the Manadoob together, you will never find a force so strong and so good.