Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club 33

The Manadoob Secret Connection Game is a fun, creative, interactive, community building experience. Modeled after the internationally acclaimed, research-based Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning, the Manadoob Game experience brings together kids, parents, teachers, health professionals, caregivers, and grandparents who role play, act out charades, problem solve, face their fears and help others believe in themselves. You can even adopt a pet along the way! The Manadoob Secret Connection therapeutic game educates, empowers and stimulates emotional growth and maturity in children. By focusing on values such as responsibility, patience, trust, courage and gratitude, the Manadoob Game teaches children to make positive choices and work together to solve problems, which helps to create happiness and success in their own lives and in our world. The Manadoob Secret Connection Game may be played independently; however, it is highly recommended it be played as a part of the Ask-It Manadoob Secret Connection Program. You may have the children play at any point during the program; however, it is our recommendation that it be played at least three times during the course of the program for the best experience and in order to better assess their progress. The Manadoob game is also great to use as a follow up several months after the children complete the program to reinforce what they have learned. 2 to 6 players. Ages 7 and over.