The Ask-It Manadoob Secret Connection Program is a social and emotional learning system developed for children ages 7-12. The Manadoob Ask-It Workbook is the perfect “hands on” resource in the Manadoob Program for children. The Workbook includes 28 chapters with over 80 lessons and activities that can be completed within the school year. Each class works at its own pace allowing the children all the time they need to read, think, dream and answer questions thoughtfully. The Program provides curriculum opportunities in language arts, reading and vocabulary, social sciences, theatre arts, research, experimental activities and community outreach. The Manadoob allow kids to think outside the box – to open their minds and express their thoughts, feelings and fears in a non-threatening environment. The Manadoob stress basic values that are sometimes forgotten or overlooked in the high-speed, technology-based environment in which we live.

Ask-It Workbook Sample Pages

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