The Mission of the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem is to educate, empower, and enrich the lives of children, as well as the educators who teach them, through the development and growth of children’s self-esteem.

"I have worked with children for 24 years. I had no idea the impact that teaching the Manadoob course would have on ME... I am touched by the eager and willing children who open their hearts, minds and spirits to themselves, their peers and to me.. I am amazed at the transformational power of this simple yet profound program. I am thrilled to be part of the Manadoob team." - Kim Ledoux, Manadoob Educator

Who Are Manadoob Educators?

Manadoob Educators are committed to helping children learn to believe in themselves. By facilitating/teaching the Manadoob Program for Self-Esteem, Manadoob Educators provide the educational tools needed for children to face the challenges of today’s world while enriching their lives. You can be a part of helping children improve self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and values as they learn to respect and connect with others. How? By giving kids the gift of value-building in the form of educational play.

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Start Your Own Manadoob Educator Business

You can become an entrepreneur and start your own business teaching The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning. You can generate substantial supplemental income while doing what you love! You may chose to teach The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning at private or public schools, charter schools, libraries, in homes, community centers, or through city parks and recreation departments – you decide! The Manadoob Program is the perfect after-school enrichment program that teaches self-esteem while enhancing reading and writing skills through the use of story, craft and individualized interpretation.

To become a Manadoob Educator Please submit the Manadoob Educator Application. A Manadoob Mentor will contact you so we can help you determine how you can best work with the Manadoob Program.

Becoming a Certified Manadoob Educator

Manadoob Educators are certified to teach The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning by completing the Manadoob Educator training course. Each potential educator is assisted by a “Manadoob Mentor.” All Manadoob Educators must complete the first level of training for their certification. Once you have completed and passed the Manadoob Educator training, you will be certified to teach The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning in a variety of ways and settings that will enhance your personal growth as you help children believe in themselves. You can work along or you can team teach with another Manadoob Educator. We encourage you to be creative in your teaching methods as you engage your students in this fun, stimulating program that will provide important learning tools and life lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Manadoob Educator Training


If you are thinking about becoming a Manadoob Educator you might like to know the answers to the following questions… You can better the lives of children while they enhance yours……

1) What skills do I need before taking the Manadoob Educator Training?

Answer: Respect for children, the belief that all children benefit from a strong sense of self and an interest in working with children to develop their self-esteem. No formal teaching experience is required, however, you must demonstrate an ability to connect to and understand children.

2) What does the Manadoob Educator training entail?

Answer: The training is a series of easy and enjoyable sessions that will help give you the tools necessary to become a Manadoob Educator and teach children The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning. The sessions include reading materials that are available on your computer, watching various DVD’s, and communicating directly with a Manadoob Mentor. You will also receive a complete Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning so that you can explore and develop your own unique approach to the Program. The training usually takes approximately 40-45 hours to complete. The training is available to you in the comfort of your own home and the amount of time it takes to complete the training sessions is up to you.

3) Will there be an exam at the end of the training?

Answer: There is no written test. You will be asked to choose and complete one or more of the written workbook assignments to be submitted to your Manadoob Mentor.

4) Upon completion of the training, will I be a certified Manadoob Educator?

Answer: No. You will not become a Manadoob Educator unless you have passed and fulfilled the requirements of certification which include review and signing of our license agreement, a criminal background check and the purchase of liability insurance. All details regarding these requirements are provided as a part of the Educator training and can be found in our login resource center.

In order for us to determine how the Manadoob Educator Program can best work for you, we ask that you first complete the Educator application which is free of charge. At that time, a Manadoob Mentor will contact you. If you have additional questions, you may contact us at

A Note about The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning

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