I'm Ga-loom, Wella's fear-of-the-
dark monster. I know how to put fear into people, but I also get pretty lonely and fearful myself. I guess I'm a wimp, but that needs to be our secret!

I'm Wella. I'm afraid of the dark and I don't quite fit in with most other kids, but animals understand me just fine. And the Manadoob somehow think that I can help them? It's weird and scary and cool all at the same time.

I'm Cruz, Wella's loyal woolly bear dog. Wella is my best friend forever. I will always be there for Wella in one shape or form.

I'm Pete, Wella's best friend. I have to share that best friend status with her dog, Cruz, but I'm used to it. It's cool when Wella and I work with the animals. With a little effort, I've learned to flow with Wella's moods.

I'm old lady Marge. People think of me as everyone's Grandma and I'm happy they do.

I'm Sara, Wella's worry wart Mom just doing the best I can to be a good Mom to her.

I'm Ben. I own S&C Ranch. I'm like a father to Wella. I've been on this planet for a long time and I totally get why animals can help people through tough times.

I'm Zack, the school bully. I find that anger and fear seem to go together in my life. Things start to change for me, but it's a wild and crazy ride.
Welcome to our sweet, old town called Sierra Pine. We were all just going about our lives until the Manadoob came to town and forever changed the world as we know it. Join Wella, Zack and Pete in a story of mystery and adventure as the Manadoob find creative and exciting ways to give children the skills they need to cope with the challenges in today's sometimes difficult world. The Manadoob understand how to deal with the effects of divorce on kids, the need to help children deal with grief and loss, and how to deal with children who bully. These are some of the challenges the Manadoob help our characters deal with, but most importantly they teach kids to believe in themselves. The Manadoob also show us that the human-animal bond can live forever in a positive and powerful way. Join us...