"The Manadoob Ask-It Workbook is the perfect 'hands on' resource in the Manadoob Program for children. The combination of creative activities and gentle probes enables kids to apply the challenges faced by the characters in the Manadoob novel to the realities in their own lives. With guidance from the Manadoob, participants are taught skills that enhance their positive interactions with themselves, their families, their community and their larger world."
Dr. Barbara Boat, Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Director, The Childhood Trust, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
What is the Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning?

Manadoob is an interpersonal communication-based learning system used to enhance each child's self-esteem, independence, problem solving skills and understanding of social responsibility. The Manadoob Program for Social and Emotional Learning teaches social and emotional learning while enhancing their reading and writing skills through the use of story, craft and individualized interpretation. The characters, both human and animal, celebrate diversity and inclusion, instilling a sense of belonging in children while creating a non-threatening environment in which they can share and explore. The Manadoob allow kids to think outside the box - to open their minds.

It has taken over a decade to develop the Manadoob Program and the participation of respected educators, child psychologists, psychiatrists and humane educators has helped to make the Program an exceptional tool in helping children.

The Manadoob Program in Schools and Organizations

The Manadoob Program was designed and developed to be utilized in schools - public, private, charter, home school - as a part of the curriculum or as an after-school enrichment program. The Program provides 28 chapters with over 80 lessons and activities that can be completed within the school quarter, semester or year.  Each facilitator can set the pace allowing the child/children the time they need to read, think, talk, dream and answer the questions thoughtfully.  Our guided version of the Workbook allows you to guide your students based on their ages and needs. Each chapter has specific goals that we have identified to stimulate the growth of a child's self-awareness, self-empowerment, kindness and social consciousness.

*School and organization discounts are available. Grants have been awarded to incorporate the Manadoob Program into their curriculum or after school programs.

The Manadoob Program provides curriculum opportunities in:
  • Language Arts,
  • Reading and Vocabulary,
  • Social Science,
  • Theatre Arts,
  • Research,
  • Experimental Activities,
  • Community Outreach.
Why is the Manadoob Program so important for children in today's world?
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As noted in the New York Times article, Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction (November 21, 2010) By MATT RICHTEL, "The constant stream of stimuli offered by new technology poses a profound new challenge to focusing and learning for children." The Manadoob Program was specifically designed to address these concerns by stressing face to face communication, discussion based problem solving, writing and role playing while providing tactile elements and tangible keepsakes for children. The Manadoob stress basic values that are sometimes forgotten or overlooked in the high-speed, technology-based environment in which we live.
What makes the Manadoob Program so successful in helping children?
  • Our novel presents an entertaining story designed to examine the problems children face in today’s hectic and often stressful world.
  • We purposefully choose topics/issues such as fear of the dark, divorce, homework stress, fear of failure, and feelings of being alone or inadequate. We construct situations in which our readers can follow the challenges presented to our characters so they can learn how to face and overcome these challenges in their own lives.
  • Most importantly, our program teaches children to open up their minds and look beyond themselves so that they will choose to give to others around them..

The Manadoob allow kids to think outside the box – to open their minds and express their thoughts, feelings and fears in a non-threatening environment. When helping kids through the Manadoob Program:

  • Read with them;
  • Respond to their questions;
  • Ask them questions;
  • Teach them;
  • Learn from them.

It is also valuable to go back to the workbook with the child in three months or more and repeat select exercises to see how attitudes and responses have changed.

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Rather than using the standard approach of illustrating the story, which would impede the imagination of our readers, our novel and workbook offer purposefully designed symbolic representations of the story and its characters to enhance the child's imagination and development of individualized interpretation. The program helps children develop and enhance their own creativity, which is essential to leading happy and successful lives. The art embraces and celebrates our cultural diversity.

What's the Secret of the Manadoob Secret Connection Program?
Boys & Girls Clubs Moobin it in Oregon

What's the Secret? We are all connected - each and every living thing! It takes us all to make the world go 'round. And the Manadoob Program will help kids Connect to Themselves - Connect to Others - Connect to the World.


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