Empowering Kids of All Ages to Believe in Themselves.

We hope that everyone can welcome the Manadoob into their lives and we are trying our best to make that happen.

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The Manadoob Kick-Start Secret Connection Program is a social and emotional learning system developed for children ages 5-7 (grades K-2).  The Program is specifically designed for children whose reading and writing skills are in early developmental stages.  The Program is also exemplary in working with children who experience difficulty with reading and writing exercises.  The Program presents innovative learning experiences through the use of multiple crafts, role play with Manadoob costume hats, coloring, drawing, storybooks, stitching cards, charms, musical marches, stickers, an occupational therapy squeeze ball, and a specially designed puppet to interact in role play activities.  Using the Kick-Start Workbook and accompanying Facilitator’s Guide, teachers, facilitators and parents read to the children and take them through imaginative lessons.  Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings while helping develop problem solving skills, resilience, sense of responsibility and empathy to care for and help others.  The Kick-Start Program is a remarkable source of fun and learning.  The Manadoob stress basic values that are sometimes forgotten or overlooked in the high-speed, technology-based environment in which we live.

The role-play backpack includes :

  • Chaos Gus Stuffed Animal
  • Griff Bob Hat
  • Loki Bella Hat
  • Chaos Gus Hat
  • Chaos Gus Wings
  • Ga-loom Puppet

The Facilitator Orange Bag Kit includes :

  • A cardboard Stitch around Cruz with string
  • Greeting Card and Envelope plus Greeting Card Stickers
  • Manadoob Animal Stickers
  • Ga-loom Stress Ball
  • A Worry Bag – A Uncomfortable Feelings Bag – An I Believe Bag w/ 3 I believe charms
  • Face Paint
  • I am Unique Stickers
  • A Sadiki Sash
  • Windsock plus 2 sets of windsock stickers
  • Colored Wooden Moobia Stones
  • Ga-loom Story Book
  • Yama Cruz Magnets
  • Kick-Start Workbook w/ sadiki stickers
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Colored markers
  • Novel
  • Guidebook
  • Moob-it Bag
  • Mask
  • Sadiki Band

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